Is Facebook or Google better for advertising conversions?

Facebook and Google are two of the leading social media outlets. As both companies allow users to place products on their websites, advertisers have flocked to them. Advertising on both Facebook and Google allow users to potentially monetize their products as well as Facebook and Google. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of both Facebook and Google will allow users to answer one significant question, is Facebook or Google better for advertising conversion?

There are several similarities between Facebook and Google. Both companies are PPC advertising businesses. PPC advertising stands for paid per click and it pays a certain percentage of money based on the amount a video or website is clicked on. Facebook and Google also offer free online tools such as Facebook Fan Pages and Google Plus Business Pages.

The differences between Facebook and Google are in their advertisements. Facebook search sessions typically last longer than Google’s. For users who want to build a brand or make a specific message, Facebook would be preferable. In terms of displaying advertisements, research suggests that Google is better. The reason why Google is better than Facebook in this area is because Google offers better ad options, superior CPU usage, and a plethora of ad formats that Facebook simply doesn’t have.

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Google Plus also offers another advantage over Facebook. By allowing users of Google plus to check their email and surf the web while logged in, Google can analyze what users are searching for. In addition to this, Google AdWords is a search engine that analyzes clicks based on specific products, making it another advantage over Facebook in terms of specificity.

One thing you can do is uses these different properties to get you multiple assets on the Google search result pages.  Hiring a seo expert is really the way to go.  They know how to build the authority and trust that is needed to accomplish this.

Ultimately, the advantages and disadvantages come down to what users desire. If users want to connect on a social and intimate level, Facebook is superior. If users want to look for something specific, then Google is the way to go.